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We work closely with local farms and artisans to ensure you the most authentic, and genuine product grown and cultivated daily. Our list of farms is extensive and provides us with the finest meats and cheeses within reach to ultimately provide you with the best culinary experience one can offer. Ninety percent of our products utilized to build your menu come from actual farmers, including our eggs, meats, fish and shellfish, cheeses, and produce. All of our sauces, sides, condiments, spreads, compound butters, and dips, including our fermented products come from our small farm, and are made exclusively in house to ensure you receive the finest experience possible!


Narragansett, Rhode Island

Bluffhill Cove Oyster Farm is owned and operated by Farmer Harvey on Bluffhill Cove Pond in Point Judith, RI. Started in 2001, it is here where the shellfish nursery, growout, maintenance, marketing, packing and distributing all takes place. Bluffhill Cove Oyster Farm emphasizes the importance of sustainable aquaculture.



Rhode Island

Narragansett Creamery

Rhode Island’s own artisan cheese company produce many varieties with fresh, local milk. From super-fresh Queso Blanco, to 'salad-friendly' Salty Sea feta, to a robust raw-milk 'Divine Providence', all cheeses are a true taste of the Ocean State. We are proud to feature ‘Divine Providence’ on our artisan cheese display.

Simmons Farm is a 300 year old family farm on Aquidneck Island. It is 110 acres which is all certified organic, RI’s largest organic farm. They grow 25 acres of vegetables, with the remainder being in hay and pasture. They pasture a herd of heritage breed Belted Galloway for pastured beef along with pasturing poultry for both eggs and meat.

Mother Cow


Sunset Farms~Narragansett, Rhode Island

At over 150 years old, Sunset Farm is the oldest and only working farm left in Narragansett. The Farrell family took over daily operations of the farm in 1999, and transformed the over 150 acres of farmland into the well-known Rhode Island icon that it is today.
When the Farrell family took over the farm, they only had a herd of five cattle, one hundred tomato plants, and few rows of squash. Today, Sunset Farm boasts a herd of over one hundred Black Angus beef cattle and a large variety of fruits and vegetables, including over 15,000 tomato plants!



Rhode Island

Green produce starts with green decisions. Our indoor farming facilities are sun (and wind) powered, and climate controlled for a year-round growing season. This means we can provide clean, sustainable and quality food to our communities. Any time, anywhere.

Fresh Lettuce
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